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Autumn Raspberry Wine from Taylor Brooke Winery

Autumn Raspberry

Another semi-sweet favorite which is wonderful with roast chicken with rosemary.

Autumn Raspberry Wine from Taylor Brooke Winery

St. Croix Rosé

Although dubbed the "red lover's summer sipper", this wine can seduce anyone with it's luscious, fresh flavor.

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Taylor Brook Winery

Taylor Brooke Winery produces a premium line of high quality vinifera and specialty wines. These wines have been developed by the winemaker/owner, Dick Auger, in a very unique way; involving friends and family to taste and comment on the wines during development. This broad spectrum of palates helped create wines that appeal to a wide variety of wine drinkers; from the novice to the connoseur. The wines are produced from our own grapes as well as fruit and juices procured locally and nationally.

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