Raspberry Rendezvous

Raspberry Rendezvous is an intensely aromatic, 100% Raspberry port-style dessert wine that explodes with fresh fruit and will warm you to the tips of your toes. Pairs well with anything chocolate or your favorite cheese cake.

Sweet, Dessert Wine

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Chocolate Essence

Chocolate infused Merlot port! The strong chocolate on the nose, the fruity complexity (raspberries and cherries) of the Merlot port and a long, chocolate finish is everything you want after a lovely dinner or just sitting in the hot tub. This truly special wine is “dessert in a glass.”

Sweet, Dessert Wine

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Late Harvest Traminette

100% Estate grown Traminette left on the vine after harvest and picked after juices have concentrated in the fruit, yields a dessert wine worth the wait. Notes of dried fruit are present as well as detectable acidity which adds balance and complexity to this wine.

Sweet, Dessert Wine

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