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Sunny Sangria

A blend of 100% CT Grown Frontenac Gris with a splash of estate grown St. Croix grapes, this wine is brimming with citrus notes, a hint of ginger and a bold blood orange essence.

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Winter Pomegranate

Come in out of the cold of winter and escape into a Mediterranean fantasy with this Pomegranate essence infused Riesling. Pomegranate seeds are naturally high in acidity and this essence imparts a crispness which nicely balances the sweetness of the Riesling. A holiday party hit!

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Summer Peach

100% Cayuga white, a grape characterized in part by its stone fruit flavors, is a natural companion to the Peach essence we add to it. The peach flavor in this wine is balanced by notes of citrus and the natural acidity in the Cayuga White grape. Our most popular wine is truly Summer in a glass!

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Cranberry Riesling

Organic cranberries are fermented into wine and aged for 7 months before blending it with our Riesling wine. The Cranberry Riesling is tart on the front and dry on the finish. It is a must for Thanksgiving!

Semi-Sweet, Fruit Infused

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