Lazy Day Rosé

This wine is a lazy man’s rosé. It was made by blending our Frontenac Gris (white grape) with its sister grape, Frontenac (red grape). It has notes of tart cherry, orange rind and nectarines. This dry rosé is bold and has a strong acidic backbone, making it closer to a red wine than a white. Pair with pasta pesto, fried chicken or BBQ chicken.

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Sparkling Rosé

Our Sparkling Rosé is a blend of free run juice collected from all our red wine crushes. Each rosé was fermented separately and then blended into one robust, juicy wine. This wine has notes of strawberry, kiwi and grapefruit. The natural fruitiness of these grapes gives this wine a hint of sweetness balanced by a crisp, fizzy finish. Our Sparkling Rosé is going to be your favorite summer porch pounder. Enjoy on its own while floating in the pool and pair with a burger coming off the grill and strawberry shortcake dessert.

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St. Croix Rosé

Estate St. Croix Rosé. Fruity and dry with notes of raspberry, strawberry, and black cherry. This wine smells like summer and is our “red lover’s summer sipper”.

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