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Cherry Jubilee


Cherry Jubilee - 750ml. $13.99 - Sold out until 2019 %100 Cayuga White from the Finger lakes is the base for this festive Memorial Day release. We add a deep red cherry essence, which creates an early summer wine that is nicely balanced with tart cherry and the soft stone fruit flavors of [...]

Cherry Jubilee2018-08-31T16:51:12-04:00



The Spirit of Woodstock- 500ml. $60 Series 3 - Limited Edition estate grown brandy.  Series 3 features a blend of three red wines that have been distilled locally at Ashford Distillery.  It has been aged for 2 years and is nicely balanced with fruit and oak, bu is NOT a sweet brandy and [...]


Raspberry Rendezvous


Raspberry Rendezvous - 375ml. $30.99 Intensely aromatic, this 100% Raspberry port-style dessert explodes with fresh fruit and will warm you to the tips of your toes. Pairs well with anything chocolate or your favorite cheese cake.

Raspberry Rendezvous2019-04-05T17:18:58-04:00

Woodstock Valley Red


Taylor Brooke Woodstock Valley Red - 750ml. $19.99* Let the conversation and good times begin with the ultimate table wine; our 100% estate St. Croix. This versatile, medium-bodied wine can go from appetizers to dinner, featuring a perfume on the nose that gives way to notes of cherries and peppers. A great wine [...]

Woodstock Valley Red2017-02-13T22:16:47-04:00

Roseland Red


Taylor Brooke Roseland Red - 750ml. $19.99 Our Roseland Red is a blend of over 50% estate grapes;  St. Croix, Noiret and Corot Noir.  Each wine is vinified and oaked separately and then blended into this medium bodied red that is fruity, dry and smooth.  Pair with your favorite Italian meal or anything [...]

Roseland Red2018-08-31T17:11:03-04:00

Corot Noir


Taylor Brooke Corot Noir - 750ml. $19.99 Corot Noir is our latest red wine created from the Corot Noir grape; a hybrid grape developed at Cornel University. A Pinot Noir style grape that grows well in the cooler climate and shorter growing season of Connecticut, this grape has produced a wine with all [...]

Corot Noir2018-08-31T17:12:18-04:00

Wine Dog 1


Taylor Brooke Wine Dog 1 - 750ml. $17.99 In memory of Zima, our 1st wine dog, we hope you will enjoy this wine made from 100% Cayuga White grapes from our vineyard. Adopted in 2001 from the Worcester Animal Rescue League, Zima developed her own job description.  She greeted and gave tours of [...]

Wine Dog 12019-04-05T17:16:06-04:00

Winter Pomegranate


Winter Pomegranate - 750ml. $14.99* Come in out of the cold of winter and escape into a Mediterranean fantasy with this Pomegranate essence infused Riesling. Pomegranate seeds are naturally high in acidity and this essence imparts a crispness which nicely balances the sweetness of the Riesling. A holiday party hit! *Seasonal Release [...]

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