Red Wines

Woodstock Valley Red


Taylor Brooke Woodstock Valley Red - 750ml. $19.99* Let the conversation and good times begin with the ultimate table wine; our 100% estate St. Croix. This versatile, medium-bodied wine can go from appetizers to dinner, featuring a perfume on the nose that gives way to notes of cherries and peppers. A great wine [...]

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Roseland Red


Taylor Brooke Roseland Red - 750ml. $22.99 Bring out your rib eyes for this one. A blend of St. Croix, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon explodes on the palate revealing a full-bodied red, layered with fruit and spice and everything nice. The well-balanced acidity and long finish will leave your mouth watering for more! [...]

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Corot Noir


Taylor Brooke Corot Noir - 750ml. $22.99 Corot Noir is our latest red wine created from the Corot Noir grape; a hybrid grape developed at Cornel University. A Pinot Noir style grape that grows well in the cooler climate and shorter growing season of Connecticut, this grape has produced a wine with all [...]

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