This year’s Noiret is highly aromatic with notes of grapefruit peel, apricot nectar, baking spices and cocoa. Lightweight and juicy; perfect for the Pinot lover.

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Cayuga White

This fruit forward wine is dry with notes of crisp apple and white peach. Medium bodied with smooth round tannins, similar to an unoaked Chardonnay. Excellent food wine!

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Reserve Traminette

This wine smells like you are walking through an English garden eating a peach. The enchanting nose gives way to a well-rounded clean, dry white with a strong backbone that would pair well with creamy chicken alfredo or a nice cheese plate.

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Sparkling Frontenac Gris

The Frontenac Gris grape thrives in the Northeast and displays fun and fruity notes of pineapple, guava and bright citrus. Fruity but dry, this sparkling wine ends with a crisp finish. Try this with chicken wings, nachos or fondue.

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Spirit of Woodstock

The Spirit of Woodstock Brandy Series 4 – Limited Edition estate grown brandy.  Series 4 features a blend of three red wines that have been distilled locally by Westford Hill Distillers in Ashford, CT. It has been aged for 2 years and is nicely balanced with fruit and oak, bu is NOT a sweet brandy and drinks more like a bourbon.  Our brandy is aged in oak barrels on a Solera system, containing small amounts of Series 1 (aged for 5 years) and Series 2 (aged for 3 years), and Series 3 (aged 2 years).

Dry, Bourbon-like

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Roseland Red

Our Roseland Red is a blend of over 50% estate grapes;  St. Croix, Noiret and Corot Noir.  Each wine is vinified and oaked separately and then blended into this medium bodied red that is fruity, dry and smooth.  Pair with your favorite Italian meal or anything off the grill.

Dry, Red Wine

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Corot Noir

Corot Noir, a hybrid grape from Cornell University, is a grape with all the characteristics of a fine Pinot Noir. There is earthiness on the nose, and as this wine opens up, it gives way to notes of cherries and blueberries, even some notes of chocolate and vanilla. Soft tannins keep this wine light and easy to drink.

Dry, Red Wine

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St. Croix Rosé

This wine smells like summer. Strawberries and scents of a freshly watered garden dominate the aromatics of this off-dry Rosé. This is our “red lover’s summer sipper”.

Dry, Rosé Wine

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Our Riesling juice comes from the Finger Lakes and is vinified on site to create this dry, crisp, clean wine with notes of apricot and peach, and a touch of honeycomb. Very versatile, this wine pairs well with chowder, spicy mussels, or any poultry dish.

Dry, White Wine

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