Raspberry Rendezvous

Our Raspberry Rendezvous is a sweet dessert wine. This wine invokes the image of  raspberries cooking down on the stove for raspberry jam. Fragrant and fresh, with aromas of red raspberries and blackberries, this sweet wine is THE wine for raspberry lovers. Enjoy on its own or serve with an angel food cake, peach cobbler or German chocolate cake. This dessert wine is also a fantastic substitute for Chambord: use in a Kir Royal or use to make a Raspberry Mojito or to a French Martini.

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Chocolate Essence

Chocolate essence is a sweet red dessert port style wine with chocolate extract added for an extra chocolate punch. With strong notes of Swiss chocolate, vanilla, coffee and strawberries n’ cream, this dessert wine is a cult classic here at Taylor Brooke Winery. If you know, you know. Sip on its own or pair with chocolate brownies, ice cream, or strawberry shortcake.

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Late Harvest Traminette

Our estate grown Late Harvest Traminette is a dessert wine, sweet and delicious. Made from Traminette grapes that were left on the vine well after harvest in order to concentrate sugars. Picked just before winter set in, when the grapes had shriveled on the vine, this yielded a wine not only concentrated with sugar, but also packed with flavor. With notes of sherry, almond, oak, and honey, this wine is sure to be a hit alongside your favorite dessert. Pair with cheesecake, chocolate truffles or an after dinner cheese plate.

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