We welcome everyone to Taylor Brooke, but please understand that we are an adult destination featuring adult beverages in a relaxing environment. Well behaved guests under 21 years old are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian. To help define what we mean by well behaved, here are a few things we want to point out prior to your visit with someone under 21 years of age:

  • Guests under 21 must be attended to at all times by a parent or guardian
  • No throwing rocks
  • No digging dirt
  • No running
  • If playing corn-hole, an adult must be playing as well
  • No rolling down the steep hills (landscape staples and rocks below)
  • No balls (i.e. soccer balls)
  • No climbing on farm equipment
  • CT Law permits parents to serve their children alcohol, however, it is the policy of Taylor Brooke NOT to allow children to be served alcohol by their parent

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call or send us an email.